Madhubala Biopic: Next year’s Madhubala biopic, a special venture by the actress’s sister

Legendary actress Madhubala is running ahead in a biopic in Bollywood. According to an all-India media source, legendary actress Madhubala’s younger sister, Madhur Brij Bhushan has bagged the biopic. It is reported that all the agreements have already been made with the producers for the production of Madhubala’s biopic. Eminent film critic Taran Adarsh ​​also gave his stamp on the news in an Instagram post. He said that Madhubala’s sister has decided to make a biopic in alliance with the producer of the popular small screen Hindi serial Shaktiman. The work of making the biopic will start from next year.

Former film journalist Prashant Singh is a renowned producer today. He opened his mouth about the biopic of Madhubala in front of an all-India press. Prashant Singh said, “Me and my partner Madhu are working on this biopic. It is a partnership of both of us. In a joint initiative of Madhubala Ventures Private Limited and Brewing Thoughts Private Limited, we will present the biography of the legendary actress Madhubala in front of the audience. We will be able to start working on the film next year. I hope so.”

Madhur Brij Bhushan was also contacted by the All India Media. He said, “Working with Shaktiman’s team. Everyone knows Prashant and Vinay from Supahiro-based Hindi serial Shaktiman in the nineties. They are producing the film. And Arvind Malviya has been approached to direct the biopic. All the best and blessings for next year. I want to start making this picture.”

Madhur Brij Bhushan was asked if producer Tutu Sharma too had talked about coming up with Madhubala’s biopic. In this context, Madhur clarified that he did not know anything. But they assured that their project will be announced soon. His main aim is to present the biography of the legendary actress Madhubala to today’s generation.

According to sources, the star cast for the Madhubala biopic has not been finalized yet. The content of the movie is also not ready yet. The film’s director, scriptwriter, and shooting studio are yet to be finalized. Madhubala’s sister Madhur Brij Bhushan had long dreamed of making a biopic on Madhubala’s life. He said that other sisters also helped him to fulfill his dream.

Madhur is hopeful that Madhubala’s dream of making a biopic will come true. He claimed that this biopic will set a precedent in Bollywood. He also clarified one more thing that no one in the industry should make a biopic of Madhubala without permission.